Ringing in the New Year with Jen Ruske + Ben Terziani

A heavy snowfall made for a very white NYE. Pretty. Until you try to leave the house and find the driveway buried and frozen.

Sitting down to an Indian feast: pana puri appetizers followed by a Kerala Beef Stew, basmati rice, raita, onion relish, raw parsnip salad and saag sabzi (mustard greens and spinach puree).

While we sipped an Old Alhambra cocktail, meanwhile in the Cafe Drake kitchen . . . Jen Ruske was busy crafting Wild Mushroom Crostini. Don't you want a house guest like this?

The BEST Lasagna!

A rare break for Jen and Ben during prep of a multi-dish end of the year feast.

Texting before the big NYE meal of Lasagna a la Terziani, Jen's gorgeous veggie sides (roasted kale chips and lemony Brussels sprouts) and Ruske's Chocolate Pecan Pie. Yes, she made the crust herself- we know, we watched.

Jen and Ben danced their way through a retrospective of 2012's biggest pop hits and more personal favorite songs of the year past.

A traditional Southern/NYC New Year's Day Brunch: Hoppin' John, Braised Collard Greens, Buttermilk Biscuits, NY State-cured lox


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