Cafe Drake Gets Scared! No Dinner.

On the 35th anniversary of its critically lambasted release, Cafe Drake enjoyed for the 100th time (at least) our favorite scary movie in history, 1977's The Sentinel. Many twilight evenings we've strolled past the famous exterior at the foot of the Brooklyn Heights' promenade, and countless subsequent viewings of this milestone horror classic have never dulled our consummate thrills. Witness, another screening last night courtesy of Netflix streaming via Roku. 

Yes we're appalled at hack director Michael Winter's use of real-life, deformed humans as denizens of Hell at the film's climatic arc, but the tale of Brooklyn's Gateway to Hell capacity to truly frighten and remain relevant lingers. No doubt in small part to Hollywood's Swan Song Era of employing archaic screen legends such as Ava Gardner, Burgess Meredith, Sylvia Miles, Eli Wallach and Arthur Kennedy, as well as boosting careers of up and comers such as Chris Walken, Jeff Goldblum and Christina Raines.


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